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As technology continues to evolve at an increasingly fast rate, leadership in the digital age faces new challenges. Leaders must remain flexible as they consider how technological changes will affect business and society. The success of these leaders depends largely on their actions, and their words reveal a great deal about them and offer great insight.


note from the  founder 

The United Kingdom has been a driving force of innovation for many years.
By providing support and guidance to  leaders and their companies in their formative stages, we can help them develop
 into the next wave of international giants.

The London Business Academy has been assisting executives since 2015, and as we unveil the Academy anew, we envision it becoming a hub for thought leadership, peer learning and collaboration.

Our doors are open to C-suite members and Board of Directors and I invite you all to join us today.

LBA Mastermind is back

We are bringing you back the LBA Mastermind. We have noticed that people who have attended in the past have benefited greatly from this format. Let's leverage the power of the collective mind. 

The purpose of a mastermind is to gather like-minded people about a specific topic regularly and come up with innovative solutions to solve the challenge together. Members of the group provide each other with their collective input, experience, support and accountability. 

The group provides a safe environment to share and discuss your ideas, problems and solutions in a confidential manner. We will meet once every quarter. Members only. 

Lba is launching leadership talks

London Business Academy invites you to our next Leadership Talks.

The London Business Academy Leadership Talks are a series of online events which aim to inspire and inform the next generation of business leaders. 

If you're interested in how leaders can be more effective, what are the leadership qualities, success factors, and characteristics of great leaders as well as want to take an in-depth look at the importance of resilience and courage, check our events page and join us and our guests for these thought-provoking online sessions. 

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