professional development

Invest in yourself and your organisation

Growth excellence arises from continual development and learning. 

Our events, thought leadership and programmes will provide you with an opportunity to explore your current leadership style, identify areas for improvement and learn new skills for leading change within your organisation. You will be able to develop your own personal leadership brand by developing a vision for yourself as a leader, creating new action plan for achieving your goals and developing new ways of communicating this vision to others within your organisation.

LBA BUsiness GYM

Workshops and mentoring programmes delivered by seasoned industry experts. Some of the topics 
  • Sales & Business Development
  • Marketing & Communications
  • Presentations and Pitching
  • Leadership
  • Data Strategy & Governance
Please check our Events page for available upcoming sessions. 


The purpose of our masterminds is to gather like-minded people about a specific topic regularly and come up with innovative solutions to solve the challenge together. Members of the group provide each other with their collective input, experience, support and accountability.
The group provides a safe environment to share and discuss your ideas, problems and solutions in a confidential manner.

The Scaleup Mastermind program is designed to help you scale your business through a mastermind of like-minded individuals in your industry. With the support of an expert facilitator and expert guests who guide you through the process you will delve into strategic planning that can make a big difference to your business.

Our sessions will help you build your scaleup strategy by providing you with:

  •  Scalability & Growth Strategy
  •  Market Strategy & Expansion
  •  Customer Centricity. Growth & Retention.
  •  Risk Management
  •  Finance & Investment
  •  Talent & Skills Development
  •  Scale Up Leadership
  •  Systems and Processes
  •  Data & Governance

Members only. Limited places

Each session is under Chatham House Rules.

On-line | meetings monthly

bespoke executive programmes

These highly focused programmes are designed to increase your leadership and management capabilities, as well as build business connections between organisations to make an immediate impact on you and your organisation.

Our Bespoke Executive programmes come in all shapes and forms and include: trade missions, Business Immersion, Roadshows to name a few. 

Please contact us to discuss your needs

our approach

Our training approach for LBA Business Gym and other training events combines group discussion, case studies, individual practice and strategy activities to provide new insights and give delegates the opportunity for developing the right mindset and skills.

The techniques used, appeal to the four thinking styles that brain science indicates support learning absorption across people with a range of personality preferences.

our focus
  • Clarity on the long-term relevance of the learning
  • Rational, data-backed input to learning points
  • Experiential learning 
  • Collaborative learning experiences

“Help others rise. Greatness comes not from a position but from helping build the future. All of us in positions of power have an obligation to pull others up.” 

Indra Nooyi, CEO of PepsiCo