The Key to AI Success: How Leading Companies are Prioritizing and Scaling Use Cases

Artificial Intelligence has the potential to transform industries, but many companies that have invested in the technology have failed to unlock its full potential. 

BCG's latest research (read the full BCG report here) shows that companies that invest in digital put more resources into AI, and small seed investments can pay off big for those that scale up AI. 

The leaders in scaling and generating value from AI do three things better than other companies: prioritize the highest-impact use cases and scale them quickly to maximize value; make data and technology accessible across the organization; and recognize the importance of aligned leadership and employees who build and leverage AI. 

AI leaders invest an average of 4% of revenues in AI-specific initiatives while laggards invest only 2.7%. Success is partly a matter of investment, but also a matter of focus, data and technology accessibility, and leadership.